Headliners' Coffee

I am thrilled to introduce Chez Ray’s Headliners’ Organic Coffee™ featuring my new brand of organic, fair trade, kosher, culturally authentic, epicurean coffee roasts. Chez Ray, former chef for the Grateful Dead, in orchestration with award-winning Master coffee roaster, Paul Thornton of Coffee Bean International (CBI) we created an artist's interpretation in the recipe for each roast.

Each whole bean recipe was developed from a Chef Chez Ray's perspective that reflects  spiritual memories of the personal relationships and history with the artists. Our first roasts are the Grateful Dead's Drop Dead Dark, Morning Brew, Load Out, and Turn on Your Love Light Roasts, plus the soon to be released, New Riders of the Purple Sage's Gypsy Cowboy Roast, the Wavy Gravy's Rainbow Roast, and the SEVA Foundation's Compassion Roast.

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With each organic sip lives the authentic story of the 60's San Francisco trip. Feel the family! "Chez Ray's Headliners' Organic Coffee™, It'll Roast Your Bean."

Enjoy, Chez Ray

For both Compassion and Rainbow Roasts, a portion of the proceeds are donated directly to their cause. We are proud to be participating with these programs. "It's hip to sip for cause."

  • Grateful Dead's Grateful Dead Drop Dead Dark Roast

  • Grateful Dead's Grateful Dead Load Out Roast

  • Grateful Dead's Grateful Dead Morning Brew Roast

  • Grateful Dead's Grateful Dead Turn on your Love Lite Roast

  • Seva Foundation's Seva Foundation Compassion Roast

  • Wavy Gravy's Wavy Gravy Rainbow Roast

About Chez Ray

Chef Ray Sewell, (Chez Ray) was born in 1950 and is a native of North Beach San Francisco Bohemia. Ray's mom rented rooms above City Lights Bookstore, and when he was six years old, he and his older brother enjoyed that Italian Bohemian neighborhood as their playground. Ray"s wild persona prospered there. A grammar school teacher once scolded him by saying, "Raymond Sewell, you just live in your own dream world!"

Chez Ray has been involved with food preparation and presentation since adolescence. He trained in classic French cuisine by a third generation of the master chef, Augusta Escoffier. He apprenticed under black hats in his hometown of San Francisco and has run his own three-star kitchens. Chez Ray has been a professional chef for over thirty years. Juggling French gourmet cookery and psychedelic goofery came easy to our rotund hero.

Teen-aged Ray befriended a curious band of Haight-Ashbury musicians and writers, who later became known as the Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey and the Band of Merry Pranksters. He later settled in Kesey's hometown in Oregon. Over the years, this friendship deepened as Chef Ray became notable in the back stages of the San Francisco rock and roll scene and for west coast concerts. He carried the embers of the fire of this classic training into the arena of entertainment and celebration.

These relationships led to further friendships with Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Chet Helms and many more icons of the 60's and 70's. Chez Ray's work with the Flying Karamazov Brothers led him and others to develop a traveling road show called Chautauqua. The emphasis of this group was on education through entertainment. Over the course of twenty-five years, Chautauqua has featured hundreds of the top names in American Vaudeville entertainment. Chef Ray is accustomed to putting together community dinners such as the Whitikar Dinner in Eugene, Oregon, on Thanksgiving and Valentines Day for the last 25 years. This feast fed and clothed 4500 people in need every year. Ray would like to continue this tradition in his hometown of San Francisco.

In his present incarnation, young elder Chez Ray accepts the responsibility to connect our heritage to our future. By moving into the 21st century armed with an inventory of characters, he plans to write about, perform with and just have fun by playing with some of the great funsters on the planet through cookbooks, storybooks, live dinner shows, television, video, DVD, CD ROM, and Chez Ray merchandise — all products in the art of having fun and bringing education through entertainment. He is dedicated to helping remind people that the legacy of the sixties is one of peace and of love. "History driving passion." Several restaurants and on-location kitchens later, Chef Ray's life and career may be summed up in four words: food, caring, character and humor. In answer to his teacher's criticism, Ray says, "Follow your dream".

Chef Chez Ray has been honored to have fed these luminaries and others: James Brown, Carlos Santana, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, George Clinton, Steve Miller, Jimmy Cliff, Chambers Brothers, Huey Lewis, Lyle Lovett, Maria Muldaur, Joan Baez, Sting, Steve Kimock, Hot Tuna, Flying Karamazov Brothers, Ken Kesey and the Band of Merry Pranksters, Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Bill Graham, Chet Helms, David Nelson, Peter Rowan, Terry Haggerty, Warren Haynes, Pete Sears, Percy Sledge, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, Taj Mahal, Leftover Salmon, Richie Havens, Hoyt Axton, The Whalers, The Tibetan Monks, Ed Edmo & Rolling Thunder, Wavy Gravy, Bill Walton, Allen Cohen, Allen Ginsberg, Walt Disney Productions, Vince Welnick, Patch Adams, String Cheese, Rambling Jack Elliot, Neville Brothers, Utah Phillips, Donovan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Country Joe McDonald, Zen Tricksters, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Robert Hunter, only to mention a few. "Life is a Feast, not a TV Dinner."

"Chez Ray's Headliners' Organic Coffee™, It'll Roast your Bean."


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